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pink lotus australia

Aleisha runs Pink Lotus Australia which has a wide range of  temporary nipple & eyebrows tattoos. Other services include permanent 3D nipple tattooing & custom tattoo art to cover mastectomy scars. For more information please visit the Pink Lotus website or Instagram.


visit: pink lotus australia


nipple & areola tattooing

Temporary & permanent options for Nipples: Aleisha uses her realism skills as an artist to recreate a realistic nipple with the illusion of nipple protusion. She can do this by permanently tattooing these on to her clients once they have a clearance from their doctors or she also has temporary nipple tattoo options available lasting up to 2 weeks. check out her temporary nipples here

If you have the nipple tattooing procedure done for post mastectomy or post top surgery, here is the numbing liquid information needed to order prior to this session. numbing information

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