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what to expect?

Do you have an unwanted old tattoo and not sure what to do with it? Con our Laser technician offers free consultations and quotes for your custom enquiry.

Block sessions can be bought at a discount rate and soon we will be offering Payright to help with after payments for your convenience. Payright is an Australian payment plan provider. 

Once you are booked and ready for your appointment you may apply numbing cream 1-2 hours prior to you appointment, this helps to take the edge off. You are required to fill out the consultation & history form which takes around 15 minutes. Once the lasering of your tattoo begins, a Cryo-jet cooling system is used in conjunction with the laser. Cryo-Jet delivers high-performance cryogenically chilled air to super-cool the skin and make a dramatic difference to the comfort level of treatments. Aussie Inked Aftercare is available in the Studio.

our laser machine is the gold standard in q-switched nd:yag laser technology. it uses the photoacoustic twin pulse mode, which constantly delivers twin-pulsed, high-output energy at very short intervals, offering a more comfortable patient experience.

twin pulse offers lower risk of injury to surrounding tissue, faster healing time, and lower risk of complications such as hypopigmentation and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. it can remove black, red, orange, blue & green inks.

this medical grade laser machine can also reduce melasma & perform carbon facial peels known as ‘china doll’ facials. these beauty options are available in the future.

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